week 4, 10/22/13: an evening of chamber music performed by members of Mucca Pazza

I’m very excited to present a program of new material and new arrangements written specifically for this ensemble:

Justin Amolsch, french horn

Paul Brannon, percussion

Nick Broste, trombone

Andy Deitrich, marimba

Greg Hirte, violin

Gary Kalar, various plucked strings

Ronnie Kuller, accordion

Dave Levine, flute and sax

Brent Roman, percussion

Dave Smith, sax and bass clarinet

Meghan Strell, concert poms

with special guest Jefferey Thomas, guitar

featuring compositions by Bela Bartok, Nick Broste, Andy Deitrich, Gary Kalar, Ronnie Kuller, Olivier Messiaen, and Dave Smith.