10/15/13: Dan and Ronnie; Kitchen Table Illinois!

My friend Dan Dorff and I have a composition and recording project that is very close to my heart. We made a record together that came out in April 2013, and he’s driving all the way from Cincinnati to play duets with me at the Hideout this Tuesday!

Two more very dear friends make up Kitchen Table, Illinois; I’m so very excited to hear Gabe and Becky play! They’ve made lots of records too and they’re all fantastic.

It’s going to be a really sweet night of Thoroughly Pleasant Music. Hope to see you there! October 15th, 9pm, at Hideout.


photo by Michael Wilson

***update: there are two beautiful sets of photos from this show by the ever-generous and wonderful C.B. Lindsey! here’s a set of Kitchen Table, Illinois, and here’s a set of me and Dan