Dan and Ronnie met in Chicago while playing in a very loud, very large, extremely fun band (Mucca Pazza), and decided to go make a gentle, cozy album together in a house full of quilts in Kentucky. Over the course of several days with a 1919 Steinway and the invaluable help of producer & engineer […]

Escargatoire, formerly Snail Band, is a musical collective of slow-moving humans: Emmy Bean, Ronnie Kuller, Julie Pomerleau, and Joey Spilberg, and sometimes Jim Cooper and Nora Barton. We found each other in the spring of 2016 playing music for Opera-Matic events, ​and have been slowly accumulating momentum ever since.​

Mister Tom Musick is touched by your concern and consternation, and he appreciates your morbid fascination, but there’s nothing to be done for him now. The bloom is off the rose, the hour late. He’s been licked by the flames of love; he’s been Merloted, Bordeauxed and Shirazzled. The bright dreams of his youth have […]